What is SMS Marketing and how to make the most of it

Find out in detail what SMS Marketing is, how to use it for your company and if it really works in the age of social media.

Although companies today have increasingly innovative and advanced tools at their disposal to make lead generation, acquiring and profiling new useful contacts, traditional SMS is still one of the most effective ways to interact with their customers.

The explosion of social networks and instant messaging apps such as WhatsApp, in fact, has revolutionized the world of communication, but SMS Marketing has managed to keep its effectiveness almost unchanged. What makes SMS a practical and performing means of communication are both their ease of access and understanding, and their fixed presence on all smartphones, tools that many have with them at any time of the day.

The reading rate of SMS is also very high and rarely a message sent in this way is deleted without being read, as is often the case with e-mails. SMS tend to be preferred by many users even with respect to phone calls, as they are considered less invasive.

Although SMS are a means capable of bringing interesting advantages to those who integrate them into their marketing strategy, every company or brand that wishes to promote itself with this communication channel should first of all try to analyze its specific objectives, the prices of SMS Marketing. and the budget actually available for the investment.

Let’s see together, in more detail, what SMS Marketing is and how you can use it effectively to improve your business.

What is SMS Marketing?

The English acronym SMS, which stands for Short Message Service, indicates a mobile phone service used to send short text messages from one mobile device to another. In common language, in Italy, the term SMS is also used to indicate the single text message sent through this service.

The SMS Marketing activity consists in sending SMS to consumers, in order to inform them of new promotions, discounts, limited offers and, more generally, news regarding the commercial activity. Text messages thus prove to be a useful tactic to encourage target customers to take action, build customer loyalty and consequently increase sales and turnover.

This tool is also particularly useful for small and / or local businesses: gyms, hairdressers, shops and restaurants usually use SMS Marketing in an advertising key to communicate discounts and offers to their customers. Professionals, on the other hand, generally resort to so-called transactional text messages to keep their clients updated on future appointments.